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The Challenge Flag: Pre-Season Edition

The Challenge Flag by Will McDougle.  

Alright 12th Man,

I’m throwing it on the field. As the officials come to the sideline to discuss let me explain to you why I threw it.
I’ve had it. I’ve had it with the arm-chair QBs who want to critique well past the point of fair. I’ve had it with the fans who can only look through negative lenses while a player enjoys some success. I’ve had it with fans who have never stepped on a football field but wax poetic about why player X is a worthless pile of dung. I’ve had it, but I understand the genesis of issue.

For some, the Seahawks bring more frustration then joy. The fact that we are a middle of the road franchise smacks you in the face when you walk into the Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio. You see our lone and very small HOF display showcasing Steve Largent’s career overshadowed by the massive Steelers and Cowboys displays and it makes you a little sick. People are tired of the losing, the almosts, and the potential discussions. People are tired of obnoxious fans from other teams who seem to have way too much material.
We want to win! Some of that went into the Hasselbeck hysteria in my opinion. But the constant tearing down of players doesn’t help. It simply brings more people into the boat with you.

So here is the Challenge: Dare to put away scars of the past and believe in your Seahawks. I’m not saying to believe that Super Bowls are just around the corner, just believe and enjoy any success as it happens. Love our team as unconditionally as you can. Except inevitable setbacks along the way as necessary in the development of this new team. Criticism is fine, over criticism that turns personal is not needed.  Believe in the positive, and simply ignore the people who refuse to. I’m up for the challenge, are you?

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