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Browns Scouting Part 1. Passing game target focus

The Browns have been dealing with some inconsistency issues on offense this season. Colt McCoy isn’t the only problem with this team, but a 55% completion rate will not get it done for a team that is struggling mightily to run the ball.

I took a look the Brown’s games this year (thank you Game rewind) and also the game data provided in the NFL game-book and discovered some interesting things.

For part 1 of our scouting, let’s take a look at where McCoy likes to go with the ball, and who his main targets are.

This first chart shows how all passes have been distributed throughout the season to date. Obvious from the data, McCoy likes the short middle of the field.

Here is the breakdown of where Colt McCoy and the Brown’s like to utilize and target their receivers. Also in the next chart you will see who Colt’s favorite targets have been so far this year.

As is customary with most west coast offenses, the use of slant’s, hitches, curls, drags, digs, and screens are going to be a big part of the attack. It’s interesting that the Brown’s receivers are used the majority of time in the short middle of the field. All receivers except Joshua Cribbs that is. I was surprised when I looked at the games, and read the gamebook data, that a man with his talents wouldn’t be targeted inside or deep (only three passes have been thrown to him deep this year). Instead 48% of his targeted routes were located to the short left side of the field. I will say though, that I noticed several plays where Cribbs had leverage on his defender and McCoy just didn’t see him in time.

So overall, just a quick snapshot to give a feel for the Brown’s passing attack. Short, short, and more short. LB’s get ready.

In part 2 I’ll take a look at the Brown’s struggling running game.

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