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Happy 38th Birthday Seattle Seahawks!!

Happy 38th Birthday Seattle Seahawks! On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded a franchise to Seattle.  Most fans only remember the 1976 date as that was the first season of Seahawks football, but there was so much more going on behind the scenes that made 1976 possible.

From ProfootballHof.com : “When the Seattle Seahawks took the field for the first time in the 1976 season, it marked the culmination of a quest for a National Football League franchise that had its roots in the Pacific Northwest metropolis as early as 1957. That is when discussion first began about the possibilities of constructing a domed stadium that would assure a major league sports franchise for the city. On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded its 28th franchise to Seattle to play in the 64,984-seat Kingdome.

So raise your glass and salute the reason we shout, laugh, cry, hoot and holler at the TV or field every Sunday.

Your Seattle Seahawks!

Shameless personal story: June 1974 was made even greater 19 days after the Seahawks were born because I entered the world. I know, I know, that fact may just overshadow the original intent of the post but the kindred connection thing is pretty sweet.



Home Openers

Saturday night before a Seahawks game can be a little bit nerve-racking.  After watching the ‘Hawks for so many years, you’d think I’d be able to find some type of Zen calm in the day before.  Sadly, that has not happened, nor do I suspect it ever will.  As I was thinking about tomorrow and the implications (there are many) that are part of the game, I thought that I’d try something new.  The Seahawks’ history is important to me because in many ways it is a history that many of us lived.  We remember the highs and we remember the lows.  Being a fan of arcane history while boring to some I hope will serve me well as I provide a little historical context to our home opener.  Enjoy a little history of our meetings with the St. Louis, Phoenix, and Arizona Cardinals.

  • September 12, 1976: Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Cardinals was the first ever home game played in the Kingdome. We lost the game 30-24.  We would go on to win only 2 of 14 games that season.
  • Footnote: Our first season saw the Seahawks belong to the NFC West.  The following year, they moved to the AFC West.  We are the only team to win conference titles in two divisions!
  • Footnote: The first regular season points scored by Seattle were put up by a kicker named Don Bitterlich.  Interestingly (or perhaps thoroughly uninteresting) it was the first and only field goal Biterlich kicked as a Seahawk.  He would attempt three more FGs but miss them all.  A few extra points after touchdowns later and he was done.  And I don’t mean done as a member of the Seahawks, but done in the NFL.  Regardless, he scored the first points for my favorite NFL team, so he’ll forever be OK in my book.
  • November 13, 1983: Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Cardinals marked the next regular season meeting between the teams. The Seahawks lost the game 33-28.  Steve Largent caught 3 TD passes from Dave Krieg and Roy Green caught 4 TD passes from Cardinals’ QB, Neil Lomax.
  • September 17, 1989: Seattle Seahawks vs. Phoenix Cardinals. Seattle lost the game in the Kingdome 34-24. Once again, Roy Green had a great day, catching 3 TD passes, though this time from Gary Hogeboom. Both Paul Skansi (2 TDs) and Brian Blades (1 TD) scored for Seattle by way of throws from Dave Krieg.
  • December 19, 1993: Seattle Seahawks vs. Phoenix Cardinals. Seattle lost the game 30-27 in the Kingdome. The only TD pass for the day by Seattle was a 1 yd. pass from Rick Mirer to Seattle TE Ferrell Edmunds.  Those were dark, dark days.
  • Footnote:  There were actually two bye-weeks during the 1993 season.  One during the sixth week and one during the 12th week of an 18 week regular season.O
  • October 29, 1995: Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals. Played on the road at Sun Devil Stadium, the Seahawks lost the game 20-14 in OT.  Dave Krieg, playing for the Cardinals got the scoring started when he threw an 8 yd. pass to Rob Moore.
  • September 13, 1998: Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals.  Played in the Kingdome, Seattle won this game 33-14.  Both Willie Williams and Shawn Springs picked off Jake Plummer and returned the interceptions for touchdowns!

By 2002, Seattle moved back into the NFC West and as a result, play the Cardinals twice yearly.  That history is worth nothing, but it’s not exactly the point of this post.  I wanted to dig back a little further.  It is possible that some of you are now asleep and will wake up swearing at me for such a useless post, but I hope that a few of you find the history as interesting to read as I do.

Goodnight, and GO ‘HAWKS!!

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