Seahawks Decide Against Bringing Thier Talents to Miami

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Oh boy,

This game was a huge disappointment for Seattle. From defensive containment issues, to poor play calling on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball the result was hard to swallow.

This puts the playoffs into the dream category for Seattle, and puts tremendous pressure on the Pete Carroll regime to finish the season strong.

There’s a difference between flash and substance and the Seahawks have plenty of flash. It’s the substance that is keeping them from winning games they must win. The Seahawks need to find some middle ground in this area.

Russell Wilson: 21-27 yards, 2 TDs 125.9 Passer rating.

Wilson was everything for the Seahawks offense today. From his 21-27 224 yards, and 2 TDs, to his 38 clutch yards on the ground. The blame for this debacle can not be placed on Wilson at all. He was main reason game was close.

Seahawks offense: Points: 14 (Passing: 216 Rushing: 96) Lynch with only 46 yards.

The Seahawks game plan was abysmal.  The offensive line was man handled in the run game and the result was a total destruction of what the Seahawks were trying to do. The Dolphins were ready for the inside zone, play action, and crossing routes. Russell Wilson was  pretty much the lone bright spot today.

Note: I’m not ignoring the amazing Golden Tate catch.

Seahawks Defense: Allowed: 24 points, 435 Yards (Rushing: 189 Passing: 246)

The Seahawks did a good enough job for the majority of the game in every aspect. Time and time again the defensive line collapsed the pocket and forced quick throws by Ryan Tannehill. Reggie Bush (87 yards, 1 TD) was a minimal factor, but when they lost contain he burnt them badly including the crucial TD run. Something I talked about in my game preview.

However, later on in the game, the Seahawks looked worn down and continually went to a soft underneath zone. When pressure stopped getting close it allowed Tannehill to pick them apart. Very confusing game plan late to say the least. This was just another example of late game fizzles.

Special Teams:

Leon Washington‘s NFL record 8th kick return for a touchdown came at a great time. Credit to the kick return team for giving him a huge one-cut hole and nothing but green grass to the end zone. Jon Ryan was great again today and the punt and kick off teams came to play.

Coaching: 10 for 59 crucial yards.

Penalties, Penalties, and more penalties. These were killers for sure, but the biggest issue from a coaching standpoint was the refusal to utilize speed in the running game. The Dolphins are one of the better teams in the league at stopping inside runs yet the play calling stubbornly forced that very thing all day. Where was the creativity and adjustments after halftime? Why not try some outside zone with Leon Washington at least once? Why not give the Spread zone option more of a chance? We may never know.

From a defensive stand point, the decision to play soft underneath zones even when the pressure wasn’t getting home was baffling and I believe it cost Seattle the game in the end. Very disappointing loss in what is probably the nail in the Seahawks playoff coffin.

With remaining road games at Chicago and Toronto, the Seahawks will be kicking themselves for today’s debacle. Going two for two will be tough.

What are your thoughts on todays loss? Comment below and let’s discuss!


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