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Quick thoughts after Seattle’s 28-7 Blowout of the Jets

(Courtesy AP)

Well that was fun wasn’t it?

This game further proved the point that the Jets are a mess as an organization, and the Seahawks are really good at home. Something everyone already knew.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has shown so much maturity in the last several weeks it is really astounding. From his savvy pocket manipulation-to his ability to maintain proper eye level as he escapes pressure-the growth is a great sign for this young Seattle Seahawks squad.

Golden Tate… This man is fun to watch when his head is on straight. It’s games like this you almost forget why people have complained about him. Playmaker is his role, and Sunday he filled it in stellar fashion despite the ugly throwing motion, and reckless ball carrying skills.

The Seahawks defense has also been a joy to watch but need this bye week to regroup. I think fatigue and K.J Wright’s injury has led to some run fit break downs and this break gives the team time to get refreshed for the playoff push. Yes, I said playoffs.

Bruce Irvin is proving to be really good at one thing, and that one thing is getting to the QB. Bruce Irvin’s 7 sacks places him atop the rookie pass rushing mountain top and is a testament to Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley‘s ability to utilize Irvin in the right situations. Just imagine how good he’ll be when he learns how to play at the NFL level. Scary.

For the Jets, the writing is on the wall. They are not doing anything well on the offensive side of the ball and the blame is on a select few. Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has installed a gimmick filled scheme and refuses to allow Mark Sanchez to play with a rhythm.

Tim Tebow should either start, play running back, or hold a clipboard. This QB swap approach is killing the Jets season by taking valuable practice time away from the Jets base offense.

Mark Sanchez is a rattled mess. Nothing he does looks purposeful of confident. This has permeated the entire offense. Time after time the Jets either failed at the QB position or the receivers failed the QB. Vicious cycle.

Going to be a long season for the Jets.

Stats that tell the tale:

Total Yards:
Seahawks: 355
Jets: 185
First downs:
Seahawks: 20
Jets: 11
3rd Down Conversions:
Seahawks: 5-14
Jets: 2-11
QB Comparison:
Russell Wilson: 11-17 177 yards, 2 TDs
Mark Sanchez: 9-22 124 yards, 1 INT
Seahawks: 2
Jets: 3
Defensive Sacks:
Seahawks: 3
Jets: 4

Game balls:

Russell Wilson, Golden Tate, Richard Sherman, Alan Branch, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger and of course Bruce Irvin.

Enjoy the bye week everyone!


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