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Pre Season game 1: What matters, and what doesn’t.. Yet.

Tom Cable (AP Photo/Don Wright)

Seahawk’s football is back!   I’m not sure what was worse.. The months without any football or the month of football previews and teases. Either way, it’s over and the dress rehearsals for the regular season march to the Lombardi trophy begin tonight.

With all the focus on the QB position it’s hard to think of anything else but I’m going to give it a shot..

Here I go!

I’d submit that in a game such as this, the easiest thing to accurately grade is the offensive and defensive lines. The trenches speak more truth to progress than any other position in game 1 of the pre season. The physicality, fundamentals and unit cohesion will be very clear, and will give a good indicator of things to come.
Last year, due to the lockout, new young players, and many other issues, the preseason play of the line was one of the worst I’ve ever seen as a long time Seahawks fan. Rookie RT James Carpenter and rookie RG John Moffitt mastered the ” Look Out! ” block, and the running game was non existent. These problems hurt Seattle going into the season and cost them at least 3-4 games in my opinion.
Toward the end of the year however, things seem to get much better as Tom Cable was able to achieve some really nice performances with career back ups. However, serious pressure is on this group to keep the momentum going into 2013.

Who I’m watching tonight not named Flynn or Wilson:

DE Bruce Irvin: The Seahawks surprising first round pick has flashed in camp, and this is a great opportunity to show the home crowd the reason he was selected so high. I’ll be looking specifically for a multitude of moves that not only utilize his speed and explosiveness, but also his raw power.

DT Brandon Mebane: I was very impressed with Mebane’s performance early in the season but he wore down a bit as the season progressed. With Bobby Wagner vying for a starting job at middle Linebacker, Mebane will need to dominate his 1 tech position to keep Wagner as clean as possible to find the ball carrier. This will be crucial to his success.

The entire Offensive Line:
As I mentioned before, this unit is arguably the personnel grouping that determines the Seahawks fate this year over all others. Very interested to see the rotation tonight, and hope to see guys like J.R Sweezy, Rishaw Johnson, Frank Omiyale, and Deuce Lutui a bunch. There are a ton of unknowns in this group so this is a great opportunity to show the fans and more importantly the coaching staff what they have to work with.

Some Final Thoughts:

Of course the QB and receiving position situations will be a focus tonight..I’m not crazy. But struggles in that area won’t mean as much to me now (talk to me after game 3 of pre season) as struggles in the trenches. I fully anticipate a great defensive line presence tonight, and hope the offensive line follows suit.

Bottom Line:

Seahawks football is back, and I couldn’t be happier.




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