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THE POLL OF THE WEEK: The Apology..Marshawn Lynch episode 1.

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When Marshawn Lynch was arrested for playing drunken Econoline bumper cars, the 12thMan became completely overrun with anger, disappointment, and sky is falling predictions. These predictions, while over the top and scary, just showed me how much faith and pride Lynch’s “BeastMode” persona have brought to Seattle.

I also heard immediate calls for an apology for wronging us as a fan base.

Buckle up, I’m going to get controversial here… apologies from athletes are pointless, and in my humble opinion we shouldn’t want one.

Pete Carroll knew what he was getting when he signed Marshawn Lynch in 2010. He knew he had weapons charges, a hit and run, and other various issues. This is not an indictment of his character as much as it is his maturity and decision-making. Most individuals with checkered pasts do not change all that much and even when they do their improved behavior will eventually become disrupted by another event. If anyone owes us an apology I would argue the case for Pete Carroll is a much stronger one. One in which I would never pursue.

Earlier today Marshawn Lynch released this statement:

“I want to apologize to my family, the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and the 12th Man for the negative attention resulting from my recent actions. This is not the type of community leader I have been over the last two years or the one I’m striving to become. I want to assure everyone that I will work to be better and look forward to a very exciting, and very successful season with the Seattle Seahawks.”

Great statement.. Mature, remorseful and also a complete waste of time. I happen to believe Marshawn Lynch is a good guy, and probably is truly sorry for the lives he could have ended, the people he could have hurt, and the injuries he could have inflicted on himself but we will never know for sure. These types of statements serve one purpose, and one purpose only..Damage control.

And that’s my point. These contrived apologies from star athletes are never going to be enough. They are never going to stop a fan base from turning their back or force someone to forgive their transgressions.

But maybe I’m wrong..What do you think?


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