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Happy 38th Birthday Seattle Seahawks!!

Happy 38th Birthday Seattle Seahawks! On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded a franchise to Seattle.  Most fans only remember the 1976 date as that was the first season of Seahawks football, but there was so much more going on behind the scenes that made 1976 possible.

From ProfootballHof.com : “When the Seattle Seahawks took the field for the first time in the 1976 season, it marked the culmination of a quest for a National Football League franchise that had its roots in the Pacific Northwest metropolis as early as 1957. That is when discussion first began about the possibilities of constructing a domed stadium that would assure a major league sports franchise for the city. On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded its 28th franchise to Seattle to play in the 64,984-seat Kingdome.

So raise your glass and salute the reason we shout, laugh, cry, hoot and holler at the TV or field every Sunday.

Your Seattle Seahawks!

Shameless personal story: June 1974 was made even greater 19 days after the Seahawks were born because I entered the world. I know, I know, that fact may just overshadow the original intent of the post but the kindred connection thing is pretty sweet.



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One thought on “Happy 38th Birthday Seattle Seahawks!!

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