We’re back!!!!

We’re back!!!!
Even though that statement may fall directly in the “if a tree falls in the woods” category, I felt it a necessary way to start today’s post. Life has a funny way of prioritizing one’s personal passions and these past few months have been exhibit A. This recent bout of balancing family-career-hobbies has been even more challenging to me personally when I consider its Seahawks draft season. Before I started to blog all things Seahawks, I would watch countless hours of youtube and any scouting tapes I could get my hand on of prospective Seahawks draftees and create my own “Big Board”. This inevitably left me screaming PG rated obscenities (I have 4 kids) at the TV when players I though fit Seattle perfectly in round 4 were passed over for a guy I had rated in the 6th. It also completely drove family members crazy…..
This is the first year in about 5 that I was unable to do any of that. My wife is understandably elated at this fact; however it has left a huge hole in my offseason. Because of this I have come to rely on a few of Seattle’s best twitter sources for their opinion on prospects I’ve not been able to scout myself. While I greatly value all opinions on prospects, it’s just not as fun when you don’t have your own opinion on that random guard in round 7 you think could develop from practice squad to starter in right system. It’s too late to start the process now, so I won’t waste your time with a half researched Seahawks Big Board and a mock draft where Seattle get’s all the players they want.. It’s too easy, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. Your readership and my integrity won’t allow it. But….
The MatchupsZone staff recently had a meeting to discuss the future of the site, and I couldn’t be happier with what the future holds. Admittedly, as in any rookie season, I feel we struggled at times to find our voice, but also managed to mix in some really superb pieces of writing. We have evaluated ourselves, reached out to some new and very talented writers, and are very excited to bring you even better content than before.
Starting in May the Matchups zone will bring you a refocused and more polished experience. From the pre game match up articles, to the STATS, to the hard hitting “Point After” series, you can expect a unique Seahawks blog experience.
For the everyday readers of this site, Thank you! And for any new ones that may stumble on here while google searching for anything from to Cricket, we hope you’ll settle in, check us out, and come back again.

Will McDougle, Matchups Zone Founder


About Will

Football fanatic, former coach, and obsessive blogger. Proud member of the Seahawks 12thManNation. Follow him on twitter @12thManScribe


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