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Robert Gallery’s injury yet another break in the offense’s chain

(Photo by Ted S. Warren/Associated Press)

Talk about a kick in the….okay, couldn’t help it there, but this is getting ridiculous.  First its Sidney Rice’s torn labrum, and now it’s groin surgery for Robert Gallery (out 4-6 weeks). What’s next, an ACL tear for ………. never mind, I won’t go there. The news just keep getting worse for the guys we thought would have a big impact in 2011.

It would be great if we could see some bang for our buck from these big ticket free agents. Our entire offensive game-plan can only work if we have all of the components together and healthy.

1. The line needs to create lanes for the rushing game. Much easier to do with a vertical stretch player on the field (Sidney Rice).

2.  Once rushing game is established, play action is employed and receivers get extra opportunities to separate. (Further helped by Sidney Rice). This gives easier reads for a struggling QB.

3. Once balance is established, its easier to protect with 7 man protection schemes allowing Zach Miller to become part of our offense. Right now he’s learning what it’s like to become irrelevant in the passing game just like John Carlson became.

It’s all connected. So far the Seahawks offense has been operating like a 10 speed without a chain. These issues aren’t just about Tarvaris Jackson’s awful play. Problem is, it won’t be fixed until all pieces are together on the field, healthy, and on the same page. Could be a while at this rate.


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2 thoughts on “Robert Gallery’s injury yet another break in the offense’s chain

  1. So your are saying we have no shot this year then.. No way we put all of this together before week 6.

    Posted by Steve Newton | September 20, 2011, 3:51 am


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