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The Steel Curtain Nightmare


(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Las Vegas odds makers were wrong! Ha! Take that! Apparently the 14 1/2 point spread was a touch too conservative. That was one of the worst Seahawk games I’ve witnessed in a while, and considering the last few years, that is saying something. I’m not into the sky is falling talk, because I never really thought we could win a ton of games this year, but it’s hard to watch something as ugly as today without a sick feeling in your stomach.

Noteworthy Stats:

Leading rusher: Tarvaris Jackson with 3 attempts for 12 yards
Passing: Tarvaris Jackson 159 yards
Receiving: Ben Obamanu 4 catches 35 yards.

Jon Ryan: 8 Punts

Brandon Browner vs Mike Wallace: Allowed 8 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown.
Run Defense: Gave up 124 yards on the ground

There was very little to hang our hat on today. Some would say the highlight of the game was Ben Roethlisberger laying on his back, after a shot in the knee. I don’t share that sentiment, but I do think that is the only time we actually inflicted any semblance of pain on the Steelers. The only silver lining for us was that we were able to escape the phone booth beating without any injuries to speak of.

Top 5 questions I have going forward:

1. When does Darrell Bevell create a game plan that utilizes our offensive weapons?
2. How many games will Tarvaris Jackson get to prove himself?
3. When will the Seahawks try to run to the weak side behind their best two blockers in Okung and Gallery?
4. I’ve been stating that Brandon Browner has been grabbing receivers and playing fast and loose with technique. Do we stick with Browner, or move him to the nickel?
5. Will Gus Bradley figure out a way to get Chris Clemons going?

Here’s my take: The Seahawks lack the components that winning teams must have. This shouldn’t be taken as negativity, it’s simply the facts. We are a rebuilding team who overachieved last year at 7-9. It’s not our time yet, and that’s okay. When we start winning again, this feeling will be but a memory. Head up, on to the next one.



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2 thoughts on “The Steel Curtain Nightmare

  1. 1. NEVER!!!
    2. He’s proven he’s worthless..
    3. See #1
    4. And I thought Kelly Jennings Sucked
    5. The LEO Position is code for (1 dimensional gadget)

    How’s that?

    Posted by HawkFan15 | September 19, 2011, 3:54 pm
  2. I don’t watch football but this game is total iitsnnay I mean blocking your opponent smashing them to pieces. Oh my gosh! yet I salute you guys The football players .

    Posted by Celina | November 19, 2012, 5:40 am

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