The Cover 3 Awards: Pre Season Week 1 Edition

Ah…The pre season. The time of year when most of our non football fanatic significant others collectively roll their eyes in disgust. The ” Football is starting already?” or “Why do you need to watch that? its only a stupid pre season game” statements begin to spew like the leaky faucet you were supposed to fix..Good times.
Here at the Matchups Zone we believe that every football season(Pre,Regular or Post) is worthy but for vastly different reasons.
Starting this week, we will focus on bringing you the “Cover 3 Awards“. As you more than likely gathered, we will be selecting 3 players every week that stood out for the Seahawks. During the Pre Season we will also opine on what their performance could mean to the shaping of final roster.
So grab a coffee, some earplugs and let’s get to it.

QB Josh Portis (5-9, 69 yds 1 TD).

I didn’t expect much from Portis even after the hype that flowed from training camp practices. Despite a mix bag of ugly/decent/amazing plays it’s something to note that his play got increasingly better, not worse, as the game progressed. Nice to see for his first professional outing. Fans pining for the Seahawks next star QB of the future are quick to pin their hopes on this kid. Not so fast in my opinion, but his very raw, and potential rich talent should keep him on the roster for 2011. Chance of Roster spot: 70%

TEs Dominique Byrd.( 2 Catches, 52 yds)

Dominique Byrd, Mark Terrill Photo

Byrd’s 26 YPC Average was an eye opener. As was his very nice 29 yd play early in the 3rd Quarter. With our TE heavy roster, plays like that will help his case for a spot quite nicely.

Chance of roster spot: 50%



CB Brandon Browner (2 Tackles, 1 Pass defense)

Browner, Photo by (AP)

The last Seahawk to wear # 37 turned out to be pretty good. That sophomoric approach to predicting success aside, Brandon Browner’s size (6-4, 200 lbs), speed, cover ability, press ability, and just overall tenacity during the first pre season game earned him first team defensive reps this week. Who knows if that remains the norm, but what a nice start from the former Oregon State Beaver and recent Canadian Football league star. Chance of Roster spot: 90%

So that’s it. Now, we want to hear what you think. Please leave us a comment, and bring on the debate. After all, it’s better than fixing that leaky faucet!


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Football fanatic, former coach, and obsessive blogger. Proud member of the Seahawks 12thManNation. Follow him on twitter @12thManScribe


3 thoughts on “The Cover 3 Awards: Pre Season Week 1 Edition

  1. What do you guys think the chances of the Seahawks picking up a vet QB are? Seems like that drop Portis down to about 10% right?

    Posted by Kevin Mack (@StrengthInFacts) | August 16, 2011, 12:22 pm
  2. Hi Kevin-

    Honestly I do not think the ‘Hawks will try to snag another QB unless one of the QBs we have now is hurt or we somehow manage to land a veteran who could compete for the starting QB spot. It seems pretty clear that T-Jack is the guy they want to go with, leaving Whitehurst and Portis as 2nd and 3rd stringers. At this point time is running out on the preseason and unless in some amazing fit of doing the only reasonable thing at this point, Mike Brown were to attempt to deal Carson Palmer, I think movement at QB is pretty much wrapped up. Then again, I am a fan, and have no ‘Hawk phone that allows me access to Pete and John so who knows; I might very well look massively dumb in a few weeks. Those two tend to surprise us; but their doing so does make it fun!! Take care–Drew

    Posted by Drew Bales (@AIsaac07) | August 18, 2011, 5:24 am
    • Hey Kevin,
      Glad you read the article. Correct. If we sign a Vet, I don’t think Portis has much, if any chance to make the 53 man roster. However, after scanning the Free Agents QBs that are still available it appears safe to say we are going to play out the 2011 season with the QB’s currently in camp. One thing I will add is that by all accounts the pieces are being moved on the board in the hopes of drafting or signing “The Guy” in 2012.

      Posted by thematchupszone | August 18, 2011, 5:38 am

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